Friday, July 16, 2010

The Eagle has Landed.... Zombie Matt Lurks

Everything is upside down. Wait! The earth is a sphere in a universe to which there truly is no up or down. So, in relation to how the earth orbits about the sun, I am in the Southern Hemisphere. The toilet I tested earlier, in fact flushes so hard you can't really test the Coriolis effect (it should spin counter-clockwise that opposite of the Northern Hemisphere). I need to test on a lesser powered toilet. I'm really tired, feel like a zombie, and do not feel like posting pictures now. I'm on the rooftop of the hostel (no free wi-fi BOO!). Finding free wi-fi around here is not easy. Apparently Macos has it, that's slang for McDonalds. The library has it too, but it's not as convenient as being here in the hostel. I did some war-walking earlier, also scored a crack, er, pay-as-you-go phone, and a calling card. More like a calling receipt, easy to loose. Anyways, when I get some sleep, I haven't had much since I departed Wednesday. I slept a total of maybe 30 minutes on the LA-to-Sydney flight. Anyways, me tired. And pictures need to be posted. Way-cool looking city. Tons of cafes, and prices seem pretty steep. But that might be due to the conversion differences between US Dollar and Australian Dollar.



  1. Good to hear that you've arrived safely. Coreolis effect works on big things like hurricanes. Small vortices like those in sinks and toilets go either way as determined by structure or a disturbance. Coreolis force is not strong enough. Surprisingly, tornadoes go both ways. Hopefully you won have the opportunity to confirm the latter.

    You didn't mention that the seasons are also upside down. It's mid-winter in Melbourne. You'll be at the beach laughing at us during our January ice storm.

  2. Hah! Dave, i'm so glad you read my blog. I deeply value your scientific knowledge. I look forward to catching some more replies from ya!

  3. Congrats dude, glad you made it safely! Looks really nice there.