Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Scene

So some of the 757ers might want to know about the scene here in Melbourne, with respect to the hacker world. I must say, I think its great. There is a great group of guys at both Ruxcon and 2600 who have some old school knowledge. Many props to Chris and his Ruxcon people for creating such a fantastic conference last week. Not to mention, the speaker talks were great. I can't even imagine the stress and planning that had to go on, but Chris led-it-up and did a killer job, not to mention he used to edit Phrack, and even do some run some stuff in the ANSI art days. It seems like such an event and the Ruxcon/2600 crews are keeping the knowledge base fresh and exciting. I cant even imagine what things were like in the mid-90s. The "cyber-punk" era. These guys are good.



  1. Yo dude, no mention of our hackerspace!

  2. Aye! Sorry bro. Shall I also mention the great CCHS (Community Connected Hackerspace) here in Melbourne. A great group of guys who were a big help in making me feel secure when I moved down this way!