Friday, January 14, 2011

137 Trimethylxanthine!!!!

So one beauty of coming to Melbourne is that it has the most cafes per square meter. For a coffee nerd like myself (I take pride in the fact that I used to roast my own), this is a pretty cool place. Well, I had no idea I would be able to sample the delicacies of the beautiful bean from the confines of a mental ward (still here re-feeding trying to get healthier, I love how they do this in the mental ward).

Anyways, the only coffee that is available, typically, here in this ward is instant decrap. Well the decrap, instant, turns to rocks in the high-humidity of this region. Likewise, since it is a mental ward, and also people with eating problems, less caffeine to stimulate the body and also metabolism is the choice. Well, I have had a bit of caffeine from the tea (they also have soda here but I don't drink that). Anyways, they had real coffee, with a press pot here today. I just sampled it...... mmmmmmm I FEEL LIKE I CAN LIFT A SMALL CAR. AHHHH HAHAHAHHAHAHA. Ok, neurons stimulated. One of the other patients here did bring in some instant (caffeinated) coffee. I did sample some of that a while back. Anyways, hopefully I am getting healthier and my bloods are stabilizing. I want out soon!

Much Love



  1. Hey Little Bro:
    Take care of yourself and get well soon. Compiling great, easy vegan recipes for you to start trying. Let me know if they give you specific nutritional instructions (% protein/carbs, etc). Going to have push yourself into some changes...but you can do it, and, just like going Aussie, once you're over the hump it's really easy. Am rooting for you (hahahahahahaha...Aussies must get such a kick out of that!).

  2. Hang in there... sounds like something you can tell your grandkids!

  3. Guess you didnt get on the Vegemite diet soom enough..... wonder if we could slip some arabica legumes into a care package for you?