Sunday, July 31, 2011

Woo Hoo Update

Wow, the frist time I ventured to Bar Open, I ended up catching the gypsy funk/rock awesomeness of The Woo Hoo Revue. These guys and gals are frikkin' amazing! Well, last night, they were rockin' Bar Open once again, and it was awesome. Yeah, I jump'd around danced, enjoyed being white and dancing like a complete doofus. I had fun, lots of it!

Regarding research, well, it was progressing rather nicely, however I found some bugs/snags/oopses with my region-based memory management plugin that prevented certain test cases from running properly. Test cases, mainly being those slightly tailed for Go and for the Debian Computer Language Benchmark's Game. The gcc release has these in its section for Go testing. Regardless to say, region lifetime analysis has been giving me some trouble.

Just had a knock on muh door. Census, it's compulsory! Where's my freedom!?! Draconian gov waves its prowess over my apartment. Basically, I just fill-out the form online. No biggie, I just don't like the idea of a government forcing people to do things, even a non-citizen.


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