Friday, November 4, 2011

I just got bit....

... by the Noam Chomsky.  Yes! Father of CNF (Chomsky Normal Form) and linguistics guru, was speaking here at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Center.  The Professor gave a wonderful lecture titled "Changing Contours of Global Order" in which he discussed global power, primarily driven by politics and finances.  It was so warming to hear someone, with such a down-to-earth non-conspiracy-theory tone, talk on this topic and not be a sensationalist.  He then gave a brief question and answer session.  This bad boy can speak!  For 2.5 hours!  It was way awesome.  I have been Chomskyinated.  And the tickets were gone in one day, 5000 seats!  So, how did me, el Matto, score such awesomesauce?  Well, my mega awesome friend Dale scored 'em!  I suppose if you email the wizard personally he has contacts that can get tickets, and that is what Dale did, email the Chom.


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