Sunday, November 13, 2011

Syntax 2011 Demoscene Party

Last night I, with some Ruxcon friends, ventured to the Melbourne High School in South Yarra (near the Lamborghini dealership) where the Syntax 2011 demoscene party was being hosted.  It is awesome to see the scene still fertile, even though I had never really gotten into demos when I was younger.  On the note of the High School, I will mention that this event was no where affiliated with a high school, other than it was just a place to host the geek-out.  The high school, which apparently is pretty posh was like a prison!  I'm not sure if the high wall and barbed wire is to keep kids out or crazies out.  But it doesn't help when the buildings look like guard shacks in a penitentiary.  The art and music at the show was great.  Chiptunes, ansi art, demos, oh my!  Not to mention ... I saw someone rocking some QBasic.


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