Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ok... That's it! I'm ready to leave this country...

BREAKING NEWS: WORLD'S LARGEST SPIDER ENTERS MY HOUSE. Sitting down trying to get some work done on a side-project. When I see this sprawled out thang moving near my window half-hidden by the blinds.... "Oh not it's not" ... Yep! A spider alright. One of them ginormous Australian beasts! I could have put a saddle on the monster and ridden' 'er around. Instead, I captured the creature using an empty plastic Chinese-food container and took 'em outside. One of the most horrific experiences of my life. I do hope he/she is happier outside though.



  1. What's that they say about Australia, 'it's the land where everything can kill you'. By comparison I just let a moth out of my apt, it wasn't nearly as terrifying.

  2. Australia wildlife according to Reddit ->

  3. This one's for you Matt: