Thursday, June 14, 2012

What did I do Thursday?

I just got back from seeing the Great Wall. That was way exhausting, seriously steep stairs... and lots of people. Apparently pushing and "coughing-up" phlegm is normal here. We then went to a jade factory, saw some live carving, and then had a nice (was told it was Matt-friendly) food. Anyways, we then went to Tienanmen Square, and walked across the way and through the Forbidden City. We then stopped into a silk factory, which was neat, but it was pretty much like the jade place, a sales pitch. The weather was way awesome, but the sun will suck the energy right out of ya! The guide said it was probably the best day in the 9 years he has been working the tour. Anyways. I just got home and "unloaded" kinda scared now. I gotta call housekeeping, that gand triple-ply isn't easy-flush.


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