Monday, July 2, 2012

Copy of my Research Work

Region based what? So the paper, "Towards Region-Based Memory Management for Go," that myself and advisers had worked on and accepted at the ACM sponsored Memory Systems Performance and Correctness (MSPC) workshop is available. Much of this was written by my advisors, heck, when you have three incredibly smart advisers working on a paper, it's hard to fight anyone. The result, I am quite proud of. Mainly, I care primarily about having fun, writing code, and learning. I think the work towards this paper achieved just that. In fact, the numbers are from my code. Of course, my advisers helped me design the system that reported on in the paper. So, I am somewhat pleased. Plus, this got me a trip to Beijing. The PDF copy of said paper is here. And the ACM Digital Library data is here. Pull out your e-reader and curl-up on the toilet, it is a pretty intense read.



  1. Sooooo. . . how much longer until we get to be graced by your wonderful presence again?

  2. Read as: "When will the sexxy return?"

    Answer: I look forward to completing this, hopefully within a year. But I do plan to head back soon, for a bit of a break. I hope, if my advisers are OK with it, to go back to the corporate/professional world, and write up my thesis at that time. But I still have a bit more to crunch out before I can get to all-but-thesis phase.