Wednesday, October 17, 2012

San Francisco Pics

Well, I am now back in Melbourne. Man, my trip to San Francisco, and then to home in VA, was great. It was nice to catch-up with friends and family. Anyways, after tons of flying, and getting two pat-downs (yes, I denied being scanned by some of the new scanners at the airport), I am back. Sure, the TSA peeps told me that the scanners were "radio wave" based. Well, radio waves are safe and do not produce ionizing radiation. But, in principle, I just denied the scan. So I got the love-touch from the TSA dudes. And yes, the pat-down is a slow process, I wonder if this is intentional, as to convince people to go through the scanners. Anyways, pics, not of the pat-downs, are here.


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