Monday, October 1, 2012

San Frangoatpenis

Wow. It has been a helluva week. My manager and myself rocked the Plugfest at ISPCS and then we presented two papers, one a piece. The papers went well, but the test-lab/demo/plugfest was pretty stressful. Lots of coffee consumed. Ultimately, I had a blast.

Anyways, I went to Haight Ashbury today, and let me just say. I know I might look a bit stoner like, but I could not tell you how many people were so generous to offer me some of their medical plant material. I turned them down, even though I am vegan and appreciate plants. I also went to the Amoeba store, per recommendation of my manager. Amazing record store... best one ever! FRIKKIN' HUGE METAL SECTION. It as if the pit of Satan's anus ruptured open, and the contents spilled out upon the back wall of their lovely store. I love Haight Ashbury. Oh, and I met a dude there who recommended a Brazilian band to me Goat Penis. And this dude also rocks this website: Afterwards, I walked to the park at the end of Haight and chilled there for a bit. Laid on the grass, hungout.


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  1. SF. Sigh. Only city of the dozen+ I've been to that I'd consider living in. If someone else paid the rent.

    I admit I haven't tried either San Diego or Portland.