Thursday, November 1, 2012

Meanwhile in Australia...

I found this in the bathroom at work earlier today. Really?! Are the upper-decker and pre-bowl really problems in this country? I surly hope most adults know how to handle themselves, and have been properly potty trained. I don't know if I should let this government poster be an insult to my intelligence or not.


  1. I was under the impression you were supposed to defacate next to the toilet and scoop it in the bowl when you are done. Why else do you need a sink in the bathroom after all?

  2. Actually, it is not uncommon for toilets and sinks to be in separate rooms. Hence, why people call the bathroom the "toilet."

  3. That poster exists because of all the Chinese coming to Australia. In China, one uses the toilet while squatting. They'll still do this even if there's no hole in the floor.

    Young kids here get around in "split pants". Not uncommon to see a parent helping their kid take a piss or a crap on the street. I've even seen a dump happen on the floor of a bus. Twice. Oh China, how I love you.