Sunday, June 20, 2010

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So I've had a few of these pics I started taking.  One might question, why am I even considering this jump?  Work offers a educational-leave-of-absence, and well... why not?  I find this jump as an excuse to simplify my belongings.  I have a house and car I want to be free of.  That kind of stuff just requires maintenance and provides stress.  In addition, I want to be debt free, however the car is paid for, but maintenance is non-deterministic.  One caveat: I guess I'll have student debt, I wonder if schools repossess degrees?.  This educational journey provides me an out for both of those (car/house).  Granted, it now ads some stress, as I have to figure out how to rid myself of these possessions.  Likewise, I have furniture that needs to go.  Of course, some stuff I am keeping in storage, like my guitars, some pictures, music collection, and books.  I'll probably hang on to a few desks and my bed.

Luckily, I have some family members so cordial to store stuff for me.  But, the goal here is to push the crap on the stack, and pop it off at a later time.  Possibly pop it to a donation register or to others at a low cost.  If I don't like Melbourne, at least I'll have some of my old stuff I can resurrect as I assume I would reestablish back here in that case.

Anyways, here are some shots for my move preparation (i.e. The recycle, keep, or donate phase):

Check it out! This box is big enough to hold a baby, Skinner would be happy.

Oh, yeah I need one of these too... just got it in the mail like a week or two ago:



  1. Simplicity can be very nice at times, and having a cluttered house just leads to insanity, just look at me :), you can get a lot of good tips over at Lifehacker by searching for #clutter. As for the car and house, My personal feelings is that a house THAT IS WITHIN YOUR MEANS (thank the greedy banks) such as a condo or even a small 1-2 bedroom place can make for a great base of operations, I regularly rented out my condo or let other friends (hurdboy) crash there when I was away on travel and I always knew I had a place to come 'home' to which is a wonderful sense of security. As for the car I have a simple rule, as long as maintenance is < car payment why not keep it, now if I were say, back in Japan where mass transit is the norm and not the exception then I would not feel that I have a need for a car but Hampton Roads is nowhere near that yet. As far as re-possessing degrees, you'll always have that but watch out for the student loan payments the government can be worse than a loan shark at times. At any rate best of luck!

  2. Lookit you...all official with a passport n' such! Way to gather the gusto and make the move! Sounds like it's a good time in your life, and that you're ready to pursue something more. "Your heart is free, now have the courage to follow it."--Dead Dude, Braveheart.

    I definately think audiosing the VHS tapes is a good call, and scaling back the hindrances of bulky possessions is pretty schweet. When I moved to CO (not at all as bold as Australia) I only took what I could fit in the Corolla. It helped me pull stuff that's important and leave the rest behind.

    'Course you'll probably get a new collection going in your upside-down digs, but it'll be Austrailian stuff, so you've gotta hold onto it.

    Looking forward to the tales (accompanied by visual aids) of your escapades in the Academic Outback!

  3. @Drew: Thanks dude! I considered just renting my condo. But, ultimately, my plan, right now, is to be nomadic-coder. Now I must find digital buffalo that provide a means of monetary sustenance. Hopefully, open-source buffalo! :-)

    @Jesse: Many VHSs were donated, the others, like the Donky Kong Country developer-insight promo, from Nintendo Power back-in-the-day, as well as Batman, and Ghostbusters, are kept more for, cool-factors. I do plan on horking the VHS player.

    Thanks so much for the encouragement guys. This is kinda scary. I figure, I can be your point of contact, so like, if you need a middle-man to smuggle/export some Vegemite, just give-the-word!