Saturday, June 26, 2010

Queues are one way!

Just do it! Sometimes when you know you want to do something, but have the common worries, you just gotta do it. In this case, I just scored my ticket to Melbourne! Kinda reminds me of one of my friends, Harrison. He mentioned that when he was a page for Congress back in like 8th grade, that to get up early in the morning, he had a neat trick, he would stick a pencil under his butt and if he layed down, would impale himself. So, while no pencils were involved in the booking of the flight, I just basically freaked myself out and did it! Thanks Harry.

I have been really afraid about this whole move to Melbourne deal. Just worried about cash, and being physically separated from friends and family, and of course going to a place I have never been. Sure, I guess those are all common worries, and I know, going to a place I have never been before seems a little insane; but bleh it keeps things interesting.

One-way ticket. Yeah, thats kinda scary, and probably put me on some kind of watch list. But, possibly I'll make it a double-ended queue, dequeue, and come back to the US; possibly to pursue research!

So according to the ticket: July, 14th I leave, and according to the other piece of the ticket, I should arrive in Melbourne on Friday the 16th. So some quick stats:
Norfolk, VA to Charlotte, NC
Charlotte, NC to Los Angeles, CA
Los, Angeles CA to Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia to Melbourne, Australia

So I get 4 breaks to rest my legs. But the deal from LA to Sydney is ummmm 14 hours and 45 minutes. Not sure if that includes the dateline change or not. I'm guessing not.

If the ticket holds and I don't baby-out, I should leave on Wednesday the 14th at 3:40PM and arrive in Melbourne Friday at 9:15 AM



  1. Who's taking you to ORF?

  2. @Anonymous: Please identify yourself....

  3. Congratulations my friend! No backing out now! I am a firm believer that a shake-up in the scenery can result in a shake-up in the mind. Often a good thing.