Friday, July 23, 2010


Wow, you know, I kinda like Batman; but more on the latter later. So, I am still searching for housing, a matcave, and I do realize that my pictures and updates have been less than frequent. I have started university, which really seems cool so far. The campus is beautiful, and I do need to get more pics. But, I have curtailed a lot of fun, in lieu of wanting to get settled. I do enjoy that the program is research, and quite flexible; however, I do get bouts of homesickness. At times, I just want to be at home or in my cube at work. Missing my family and friends kinda stinks. But, there new hacking experiences and the research, all really make staying here alluring! But my prime task from my advisor is to find a place to live!

I did just want to drop a quick post. Sorry, hopefully I can get settled soon, out of the hostel, and then let myself have a tad bit more fun; and yes I know I should let myself have fun no matter if I have found a place to settle. Don't get me wrong, I have had fun, but I really want to experience this city.

I do get in bouts of homesickness, who wouldn't? Batman lost his family as a kid, however he survived with his aspirations of being a vigilantist. So, my goal, is to pursue my research to provide a benefit to more than just myself, but to the CS community at large. So, while I do want to be home, at 757Labs, or at my work cube, or with my friends wherever they may be, I must also realize that this time I am here might be short.

I do have aspirations of researching abroad. Once I find a place to lay-my-head, aside from the hostel, my family (and friends are family) have a place to chill too! I want to take you all on this ride with me, y'all being my family and any-other internet stalker. Let the fun begin.


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  1. Holy Hell man, I've been so out of touch. Can't believe you're there already. Let me tell you, homesickness is a killer. You don't know everything you take for granted till you push it away. And I'm a military brat, I should know this! I would say don't be guilty about not posting pics... but guilt is a good motivator. Go! Explore! Snap! Share!