Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pics and Such

So, I finally got out today. I walked to the CBD and browsed the Victoria Market with a bud, Sven. Anyways, here are some of the pics from that adventure, along with a handful I took at the uni and hostel. The following images, along with various sizes and such, are linked from



  1. you know, we have fruit, graffiti and VW microbuses on this continent too!!

    Have you score any vegemite yet?

    Any estimates export?


  2. Oh yes! I have had lots-o vegemite. It's great! I do my breakfast of PB and Vegemite. I only toast once slice of bread, for the vegemite. I suggest you try it.

  3. and you cant setup a Vegemite Emporium on ebay or something? Now, shipping from teh Mattcave to our doors.

  4. missed a great show! -memories of the santana concert back in the day-

  5. @Aaron
    Nice. Yeah we had a lot of great times checking out music. But just because I'm out here, doesn't mean I cant study abroad later. I do plan on coming back to the states, possibly, to do some research. Nice vid. I must say that the party always seemed to be on the lawn.

  6. That is some pretty awesome artwork. Is that sort of thing pretty common all over the city?

  7. @Paul
    From what I have understood, yes, it seems so. Sven, the bud from the hostel, mentioned he had one of the guide-books to the city, and apparently there is a section on the crazy-street graffiti. I have noticed a ton of less-artful graffiti here, not nearly as beautiful as those in the pics I took. I'm sure there is a whole host of other really killer-graffiti too, but I haven't explored that much.