Sunday, August 1, 2010

Best Day so Far

Yesterday (Saturday) and even Friday were amazing. Let's keep this quick.

Saturday I went out with a group of vegans I had met online, and later at university a few weeks ago. All three of us, Fiona, David and myself, had a plan to go look for places to stay. We investigated two houses that we can rock our veganism in. I had so much fun, they being well-schooled in this locale, suggested Soul Food Cafe in Fitzroy. Actually, it was Fiona's most-righetous choice, *weelyweelywhewww* (Bill and Ted airguitar). My weapon of choice, the beans and toast. It was still morning so we opted for the breakfast stuff. Let me say, I have never had baked beans and toast, and it is a pretty "common" breakfast for Australians, it's freakin' awesome! After the cannon was loaded, we checked out the second of the two houses, and later went to a grocery store to see what they had. Lots of fun, and vegan-ness there too. So now we have two applications that we are to push out Monday, for a house together. Housing seems rather competitive out here. Maybe we can rock this one!

Oh yeah, and now winding the watch back some. Friday was killer because my co-postgrads invited me out for drinks and food after we wrapped up some research. Not quite Cogans, well you could think of it as Cogan's in tapas form! The place was on Lygon street, a very Italian friendly place. We sat outside under an awning at tables that were placed on the sidewalk, I can only envision a style similar to Europe (never been), where cafes and such all have outdoor seating on the sidewalk. Tiny pizzas, pita chips and spreads, all of that kinda stuff. It was great to just get out and hang with people, that were not necessarily hostel people. Mark opened my eyes, he was buying so much food, at really expensive prices, not caring a bit about the money he was spending. He just wanted give help to those that might be less in income than he assumed. Money is great if used in ways that strengthen community and health. It's a tool and a means, not material.



  1. Ahh, so you've discovered Lygon Street :-)

    We have several ethnic food enclaves in Melbourne. Lygon Street is it for Italian, Victoria Street is ace for Vietnamese, Lonsdale Street for Greek, and just about anywhere in the mid-northern suburbs for middle eastern :-)

  2. This post made me smile; I am very, very happy for you Matt! You have been due for some days like this for a while.

  3. You mean you didn't know that's what money is for?? :)