Sunday, August 8, 2010


Sooooo. The place I was drooling over when I first hopped down here. A place in the artsy-hip Fitzroy area, called me back! They needed someone to take over rent, and well I was tossing between hostel, the vegans (Fiona and Dave), and the Fitzroy place. Well since I love the vegans, and we have been trying to look for places to start, and not yet successful, I decided to accept the Fitzroy place... until me and the vegans find a house. I must say, I have been in contact with the vegans since I first arrived and even before I arrived. So, in a since, I guess this Fitzroy place is temporary. I have two rooms here, well I should have two, there is one person that is moving out, Louie. Louie is mega-cool. My other housemates, are Heath, Zoe, and Paula. All way cool! I love these people so far. My current room here is 'ok' It has a queen bed hovering on a small frame just over the floor. I dig the house, but as common in Australia, especially with way-old Victorian-styled places, it lacks heat. Which probably isn't too bad in the Summer, but now, the winter... it's pretty cool and drafty. My main quibble is the heat. Zoe did hook me up with a small portable heater. Which is 'ok' and downstairs has a oil-heater (which is pretty much cut it on when you need to). But hey, what can I say. I just wanted to find some neat people, in a neat area, and have my own room ... check, check, check! I do need a desk and chair. But that will need to wait until Louie's room becomes available.

I met up with the vegans today to look at a house. Mega-cool house, however one of the bedrooms leads directly to the bathroom, or you have to go outside to get to the bathroom. So thats probably a no-go. We all hung out at a mega-vegan friendly Vietnamese restaurant Yong Green Food, I did not partake in the foodativities, but did hangout with muh friend. We then ventured to Coles to get some grocery action on.

Anyways, that was my early afternoon. I just had some coffee with Heath in the new place here, and am planning on some vegan-friendly pizza at my friend, Paul, one of the post-grads, place. His wife is making soy-cheese pizza. So considerate!

Hah, and for all those picture-grubbing monsters. My room... yeah it doesn't look as cool as how Louie has his decorated... but hey, I arrived by taxi around 8:00 PM last night. All I wanted was some community, not that the hostel was bad.  In fact, it was a blast as I made tons of friends.  The last day there I met a guy who knew, from Vietnam, Jim Webb the VA Senator.  But I want to get established out here, and get a place where I can get things done.  Maybe things will start to smooth out :-) Also, various sizes of these pictures can be skimmed from my Picassa album or my Flickr album.

My bedroom.

The place (center house). The last picture, the mailslot, is posted on

Heath and Louie.



  1. So glad you found a place, man! I don't blame you at all for keeping that on the front burner. It's kinda important. The city and sights'll be there when you're ready...and it seems like you're getting there pretty quick. I'm love'in how you refer to "the vegans"--you should capitalize the "V" so it's like an official race of people (kinda like Vulcans). ;) It sounds like you're starting to adjust to the new surroundings, which is gonna be an issue whenever you move. Heck, my first two months in CO were kinda rough and strange, and that was just another part of the US! No doubt it'll take a little longer to acclimate yourself, but once you do, I think you'll find you fit in great down there. It's all you, dawg!

    Thanks for posting all the pics too--it's good to get some visuals on this unique experience. How crazy is it that they've got phone booths?! I haven't seen one of those in a loooooooong time. (Granted, I'm not looking for them, but they just aren't around much 'round here.)

    I think you were on to something with the Batman allusion; I think you need to become an American Vigilante in 'Stralia. No one will suspect you (unless you talk a lot as the vigilante and they quickly realize you aren't a local), and you can wipe away your homesickness by wiping out crime. Kinda like an Australian 'Kick-A$$'.

    Anywho, way to stay strong out there and keep us state-side yokels up to date!

  2. I told you Australians (also people who travel to Australia) are awesome! So glad you are having fun! For the record, I think you should stay much longer than a semester! Much love!


    PS- I only just figured out how to comment :P

  3. Hah! Thanks Dudes and duddettes for all the words!

    @Jen: Ya know... The 1 semester, 6 months, deal was more so for my sanity. If I can't stand it here, that is my excuse, my way out. "I wanted to try a semester to see how things go."


  4. Im not down with that "Hostelity" thing....

    Found these on the toobs:

    Hope youre safe from the above referenced horny, ninja kangaroos.


  5. @wb: I love Alestorm. Been a fan for sometime. Never seen em live though. And the Angry News... hilarious!



  7. Ok "anonymous" I'm not sure if I am to be offended or not. Please clarify who you are. Vegans are not annoying in general; however, some are, but that's common amongst all types of people. I considered rejecting/ignoring your comment, however, I am curious as to why you posted that.