Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Update

So, my mega-awesome advisor gave me an oil heater. While I think my room has given me some respiratory problems, I must say. That heater keeps the room a nice cozy 85F or so! Actually, I'm not sure how hot it is but dude... it can put out some heat!

Went out Friday night to a place called Grumpy's Green, just down the corner from me. One of my buds from the hostel, Sven, called up. We caught up and hung there all night. He has moved closer to the city. Anyways, Grumpy's was a pretty sweet bar/cafe deal. Unfortunately, they had stopped serving coffee, however, the brew was flowing, just not down my esophagus! But the best part, aside from chilling out on the bajillion relaxing couches and chairs, and hangin' out with a bud... was the live music!! The second act (and no cover to get in), which played 2 sets, was Kill Kurt Reifler. Amazing 2 person band, a drummer and guitarist!!!!! AWESOME! Jazzy/funky/quasi-indy rock.

Saturday, I had to meet people. I really want to find a group of people that get together often to hangout. I definitely want to meet with CCHS. Their location is a tad out of the way. Plus, I do not think they had anything scheduled this weekend. Anyways, I went to a event for the local boardgame group. Probably one of a few, from what I understand. The group was a lot of fun. We all met at a cafe/restaurant that does boardgames. I had a long black, you can't find a typical American coffee here, the closest you will get is a shot of espresso and hot-water (long black), like an Americano in the states. The same goes for 7-11 too! But ask for an Americano, and you might get a puzzled look. So I had an equivalent at the boardgame cafe: My Cube Cafe. It was really pretty neat! Typically, it's a $15 voucher for the meetup and you spend the money buying food and drinks, yes they serve alcohol too. But I just bought a coffee and gave the owner, Jesse, a dollar for letting me hang, observe, and play a few games. Typically, on a non "" event you buy a dinner and you can play games. I'd much rather see it more free-flowing. Just go and play, and buy as you wish. You don't pay to play necessarily, but the purpose of buying food so you can play, probably keeps non-paying people from coming in.

And... the network at the home was down. I hacked into our router, yeah, default user and password, go figure. Our authorization keeps failing with the provider. Or it seems to me that way. Anyways, it's Sunday... I probably should update the timestamp on this account. I'm at the uni.

Ohh yeah... and my research. I have narrowed my topics to the following two:
1 -- Region Based Memory Management possibly focusing on mission critical/embedded systems, parallelism, real-time, and some way to benefit caching (possibly), power efficiency.
2 -- Cache-Aware Kernel Thread Scheduling


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