Friday, August 27, 2010

Induction and some Prestidigitation

I decided to go out to game night at The Yak Bar. Card games and other similar fun activities were conducted. I showed up late, hence missed some drawing based deal that people were humoring upon. Anyways, I met with Chris and Ben, both from the Cafe Games meetup, in a prior post. Ben is a freakin' amazing card-smith, master of prestidigitation (slight-of-hand). He has now inspired me to get back into card-trickery. This kid, relatively young, was incredible, he had the talk, and the card skills, one word... "slick."

I led half of the group in a game of Mao. I first learned of this game via observation at Shmoocon a few years in a row. I never knew what the people were playing, but Mouse would lead up this seemingly fun/insane card game. I actually figured out what game was being played after investigating her website. We had a blast playing it tonight, and I would like to see such fun continue.

After that, we all played a variation of Asshole/Bullshit card game. Lots of fun. I enjoy stuff like this because such events are social in nature.


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  1. Yay for "Cafe Games" boardgame club!