Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cap 'n Crunch Frequency

Wow! So I sit here, again, in my room (one of two) in the sharehouse, typing this in vim (no network connection, we just switched DSL providers). The second room I can now have, since Louie moved. That room will probably be my "office." I do have plans to look at two places today. Ideally, I'm willing to part with more money to have a place on my own; however, one of the places is a really cheap apartment (called flat here) with a just one vegetarian guy.

In other news, I went to the local Melbourne 2600 meeting last night! Awesome crew. I had a blast, and a tad different from the HR-2600 meeting (alt site). Difference being that we all met in a cafe/bar, Caffeine at ReVault. Really cool place, about 3 others and myself went out for "cheap" food, which ended up being Thai, and then returned back to the bar/cafe. Tons of Asian places around here. After that we headed back to the cafe/bar, yes I know I just mentioned that (redundancy). Sven (the hostel bud) met up with me there too! Anyways, lots of tech talk, and just meeting people, not unlike the 757 meeting; however it wasn't at a mall, and Tony, the dude running ReVault, keeps the place open till whenever it seems; BTW, he makes a killer long-black coffee. I never put sugar in my coffee, he put some in mine, as it was his version of a long black, I suppose. And you know what, it was really delicious!

Earlier in the week I met up with CapnKernel, Gorilla, and one of my postgrad buds for a local CCHS (hackerspace) meeting, the current space was not available, as the dude who the garage was hosting the meeting was out of town. We had fun, just chilled and chatted stuff at the Jawa Bar (yes a 'w' not a 'v'). I'm such a tight-wad, I didn't spend any money... well I did buy Paul (my postgrad bud) part of a drink. I felt I owed him
since he is so nice and his wife made me awesome pizza (mentioned a few weeks ago in a prior post).

Personal rant follows:
I feel so lame not doing much work on PDFResurrect lately. I have some things in place for a newer version, however I just havent hacked it enough lately mainly to test the idea I have added. Mainly, I want to decompress the XRef tables that PDF's based on spec 1.5 or higher add. This, of course, means adding zlib support. Which is there now, but my handling of the decoded stream is not going as smooth as hoped.


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