Monday, September 20, 2010


So I had a pretty interesting day. It started off with me missing the tram I was hoping to score, and then taking another tram. But, if I didn't take the alternative one, I wouldn't have seen the dude ralphing into the trash can. Definitely an awesome wake-up for the morning! Well, it wasn't a lot of spew, just some orange crap into the trash can. Looked like he was just spitting when I caught him.

THEN! After work I went to the Victorian Skeptics meeting where Lynne Kelly gave her mega-awesomeness thesis on Stonehenge. Freakin' amazing! I was utterly overcome by the way cool research she has conducted. Amazing speaking skills too. I later realized that my research has an easier means of expressing results, numbers! I can show the efforts of my research via measurements and not historical "facts" that are related against multiple cultures!

After that awesome and quite enjoyable lecture, I decided to walk home. In doing so, I strolled through the Carlton Gardens, it wasn't terribly cold so the walk was rather peaceful. Anyways, I came across two females in the park, apparently possum-whisperers! They were feeding possums in the park! A bunch of Australia-style possums (not the Virginia Possum), some in the tree, the others on the ground. Well, at least one in the tree. One had a baby on its back! Well, I strolled up, quietly, to the girls. I had to greet a possum! One of the ladies gave me an apple to feed the possums. The little critter mistook my finger for the apple and bit me, not hard. It was so cool! It made my night! And you know what, it was a little later after I was back on the trail home, that I realized. Life should have a unique definition per individual. However, as a species, we have a few traits that we have yet to evolve from. Mainly, it seems many of us, including myself, and probably most people in corporate America, turn into robots. Like fearing change, we do the same thing every day. Robot. However, it seems a trait that has been ingrained in our species is that of the enjoyment for sheer experience. So my definition of life is merely the following: experience, and learning. The possums opened my mind!



  1. Make sure you get a shot for that...

  2. I need to learn how to make buttons. Then I will make you a button that says "The possums opened my mind"