Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ostara (Spring Solstice) has Occurred

Ok well the Southern Hemisphere's spring solstice was earlier this week, officially marking the beingging of spring. Outside looked rather welcoming last afternoon, so I decided to go for a stroll and take pics. Mainly I wanted a pic of "mattt" Apparantly there is one that exists. I had been planning on taking a shot of this for sometime now. I know WallyBert will get a kick out-of-it.

Friday night I met up with some of the Ruxcon peeps. Had fun hangin' out with them. The meeting was more of a demo on SQL-injection and remote shell/webshell execution. Louie did a great job with the talk. Afterwards, I went to Lord of The Fries (veggie and vegan friendly fast food joint) and then met back-up with the hackers at a cafe/bar. And last night I went to the Vegie Bar with my boy Dave, and we met a few others there. One dude was in town all the way from Alice Springs, so that was kinda the reason Dave setup the meeting. Great food and good times. We went out for coffee later!

Enjoy some pics.


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