Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hangin' at the Mental Asylum

So last weekend I caught up with a mate, Lev, and his companion Erica. Very freakin' awesomeness people. They are so warming. They picked me up in their car and drove me outside of the inner part of the city and to their place not technically in the suburbs, but kinda between the suburbs and the hub-bub of the city. Lev is the president of the Linux Users of Victoria (LUV). So we geekeed-out some! He and Erica also gave me the grand tour. The Kew Asylum was an 1800s mental asylum now converted to town-homes and apartments... really, how awesome is that! Freakin' awesome! So beautiful, great distance/panoramic view of the city. Not to mention, bats in the trees, as he described, it looks like beer bottles hangin' from the limbs. He's totally right! Tons of bats chillin' upside-down. As we were strollin' around, a goose mystically appeared, and it was totally friendly. I pet it! I also ate peppercorns straight from a tree from the asylum grounds.

And now, Gordon Ramsey is on TV doin' some Kitchen Nightmares. It's awesome, the show is uncensored. So much vulgar language, its great!

Oh yeah, I was at work today. Washin' my hands. Yep, the water was rollin' around counter-clockwise. I still need to find a weak toilet, so I can test to make sure the toilets also have experience the anti-clockwise-ness of the Southern Hemisphere.

P.S. My account just tapped 10000.

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