Monday, October 25, 2010

Bats are Like Rats with Wings

Before I explain last night let me lead-up with the following. I've been kinda emo the past two days. Sure my research is making progress, but not as quickly as I had hoped. Anyways, last weekend I got an email about an opportunity to move out, but ultimately I realized I was trying to make friends by moving in with others. Probably not the best way to make friends. I didn't really know the others anyways. Now, I do have friends, but none that I ALWAYS pal-around with in person. Heck, I lived alone in the US for years so, I figure my share house room, is my mini apartment. I'm in such a awesome chill mood. Its 9:35, I'm sitting in the Carlton Gardens, and a possum was just mozing near the tree that this park bench is next too. I had a killer pasta/mushroom salad on Lygon street with some friends in the Juggling Club. Anyways, the Exhibition building looks beautiful. I wanna just run home to get my camera to take a shot of the nearly full moon + illuminated building + the swarm of bats chillin' in the air above it. Bats are like rats, with wings. Wow the sprinkler is getting close. Maybe ill go grab that camera.

[... I did get some pics. Want to spend more time choosing which to deep-six.]

Last night was nuts too (last Wednesday)! Kinda in a depressed mode, and I decided to take a walk around. Well, I ended up walking by the Brown Couch on Gertrude. Anyways, I saw a chick and dude, Joel, about to walk in, so I decided to ask "who was playin." Turns out it was a local band called The Watermelon Tree. They suggested I go catch 'em. Well I was like, sure. I chatted to the dude for a while, way cool. He even offered to pay the cover charge for me! I left, too stingy to dish out money, and was like WTF? Why did I just leave? I was talkin' to a way cool dude, who even offered to pay my way. Well, I turned around, and walked back in, paid the cover, and watched a show! Joel's wife even went up to sing, great voice. It gets cooler! After the show I was walkin' home and I start chattin' with some dude on the street, he mentioned he was on the way to the ER because his teeth hurt. anyways, we showed off our ninja to each other. Then I realized, when we parted, that others, I think, might have thought we both were trashed. I was sober and all. But my ninja skills
were in check. Then on the corner were two people with Kiss face paint on, a Peter Chris and Ace Frehley. I chatted with them for a brief amount of time, and then continued home. Moral of the story. Ninja moves rock.

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