Sunday, November 7, 2010

Samhain or Beltaine, LUV, the Clause Invades, and Some Clothes Lines

Wow, so it's already November down here. I guess its the same up there :-) Spring is starting, though, down here. Anyways. So since the pagan calendar is based on a lunar cycle, and probably some what of a seasonal one as well (seasons and the lunar cycle do operate together), I suppose we just passed Beltaine. This typically would have been Samhain in the northern hemisphere. No matter what though, Los Dios de Los Meurtos also occurred. I always liked that concept of holiday. Celebrate the dead, so cool. When I die, celebrate my death. Throw a party, donate me to science, and then burn me to teeny tiny bits and stuff me into some unsuspecting persons Bar-b-cue. Or do what the vikings did, toss me on a boat and set it a blaze.

Went to World Vegan Day LAST Sunday, the 31st. Mega huge turn out at the way cool Abbortsford Convent. Had a blast! Dave and myself rocked it.

I gave a presentation for the Linux User's of Victoria (LUV) back last week on the 3rd of November, with the topic about basic kernel module development and debugging. I called it "Kernel Autopsy a Brief Evisceration Into GNU/Linux Kernel Module Creation and Debugging". The slides (and other useful stuff) can be found here. The date would have been on that previous Tuesday, but the Melbourne Cup was rocking then, a public holiday. I am against horse racing, to me it is totally unfair to the horses. Plus, it seems like a really bad excuse to dress up and blah blhlhlahlah. Give the horses some respect, they didn't choose to be ridden.

Went to a mate's house yesterday for a BBQ. Paul and his wife Liz made delicious vegan tart desert stuff and had plenty of veggies and all kinds of salads. Tons of fun! But before this, I went down into the CBD. Santa Clauses' Arrival!!!! Let the consumer whoreism begin! I can hear the ring-a-ding-ding of Consumer Clause "Buy buy buy!!! Your kids expect it, and you will be bad parents if you don't give in." I must now make mention to Rev. Billy from the Church of Stop Shopping hilarious! Oh yeah, even though it is during the summer, I'm pretty sure like many christmas cards and stuff have the "winter" snow-like decorations.

But prior to the Clause, I hung my clothes up on a clothes line to dry. Never have done that before! Awesome.... it really works! I didn't go downtown for the clause event, I happened to be on my into the city at the time.

Ok the colon speaks, and the toilet needs to be fed.


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  1. Perhaps, you should take some self-defense classes, and tape up your hands... Coz the day after XMAS is Boxing Day, and were not talking about a cat box!