Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I now feel like a geriatric, I purchased Caltrate today.

I went to Pellegrini's again tonight. Awesome coffee. Rocky was there and he tried to slip me some free cake. I felt bad for turning it down as I do not think it was vegan. He is totally cool, he tried to give me the coffee for free, so I tipped them the price of the brew. It was very good. I sat alone and removed my head from the computer so I could focus on some of the logical aspects of my research. Mainly, just thinking about region based memory management, writing down some examples of test-cases, and formulating an idea where we can allocate all space at once if we can guarantee how big the region of memory will be. The latter would assume there is no loops for variables of said region.

Walking home, a dude spotted my 2600 hoodie, and we chatted for a bit. Way cool!

I have to pee.


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