Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 365.25 days... again

Nnnnnnnneeewwww year. Big whoop. I love how people use the revolution of the sun as some marker for them to "take control" over the issues in their life. Well, that wasn't my goal, but this is my first New Year's in a mental health ward. I didn't realize my physical health was getting so bad. My doctor suggested I go to the hospital, after my blood tests and a physical evaluation. Apparently I'm way-under weight and they didn't want me to do much physical activity. I had been eating more. I didn't realize I was so bad. So they (doc) put me in an eating disorder ward, which also happens to be in a mental ward. Let me say, yes I do eat, and I do not purge, however as it seems now, I was not eating enough and/or enough variety to support me as an individual. Hopefully we can get a plan together *cough*A-Team*cough* so that I can get on track. The program in the said ward will make sure I do very little exercise, re-feed me, and make sure that the re-feeding does not compromise my health. Yeah, even when you start restoring your body, complications can arise. Regarding the mental-ward aspect, way cool people! Who else can say they had New Year's Eve in a mental ward? Anyways, I need to get better. I'm here voluntary. Well, the first night I was here involuntary. The staff by law was not allowed to let me go. I was basically a prisoner. Anyways, I don't know how long I'll have to stay. But I didn't realize my health was this bad off. Positive thoughts. Oh yeah, and the drugs some people are on. Never take the crap they give you. It's scary, I seem some people, almost like zombies.



  1. Remember, a zombie in hand is worth two on the street!

  2. There's a common misconception in the meat-eating world that being vegan leads to looking weedy and vaguely malnourished. Dude, you're not helping that stereotype!

    Anything I can do to help?

  3. Sweet can I come over and bring my Easy-Bake-Oven. We can make brownies and muffins and cake and crumpets and mmm mmm

    Honestly, I do appreciate your aid, I would love to go out for some good food. Buffet and a ram-rod. I think, mainly, I need to learn how to prepare proper meals for myself and let myself eat out more.