Saturday, February 26, 2011

Goin' back to...

Just got back from the Mother Land. That's right peoples, I just traveled to the USA. I'm back here in Melbourne now. So, the trip was fast (left Oz last Monday the 21st around noon). The cool piece of this deal was that I left at noon that Monday, arrived in Cali-for-ni-a (the home of the Governator) the same day at 2PM. Like a super-crazy worm-hole. In-fact, many abductees claim the extraterrestrial abduction was responsible for their time shift. But, I am pretty sure, science can explain the loss in hours, I think it was probably do to flying against the international dateline. None-the-less, just a mere 2 hours after I left, I arrived in LA, but on a ~14 hour plane flight. Anyways, flying home that following Thursday, and just got back in today... Saturday... freaky. Anyways, California is mega-sweetness. I crossed over the Golden Gate Bridge.... but no jumpers.



  1. So you flew to LA and saw the GG Br in SF? You were busy. Why'd you go to CA?

  2. I went for work. We have a sponsor that we also hope will join with us on a grant.