Saturday, March 5, 2011

I went to church yesterday, SLAYERRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRR (Soundwave was my church)

Being a music fan, and a lover of attending concerts, I often check the music schedules of places when I travel. When I got to Melbourne I soon learned of the most-awesomest musical orgy in this area, the Soundwave music festival. Well, that was my holy-land, and I proclaimed my pilgrimage would start on March the 4th. Well, yesterday, I was successful. For I have witnessed/experienced once more the love of Primus, Slayer, Iron Maiden, and some Rob Zombie. I didn't see all the shows I wanted to see, heck, there were 6 stages, but I had a blast. Note: Soundwave was one way of forcing myself to stay here in Melbs, even if I didn't like it (I scored my ticket pre-sale). So, my bud Mark picked me up at my house, we then picked up our other friend Ian, and made the pilgrimage. While things were already kickin' (the shows started at noon, we arrived at 2PM), we basically saw: DevilDriver, All that Remains, Primus, High on Fire, Murderdolls, Ill Nino, Slayer, Rob Zombie (very little of it), Queens of the Stone Age, and Kylesa.... ohhh yeah almost forgot... Iron Maiden!!!!!!!!!!! Some of the shows I have listed we did not see in entirety. But it was a blast! When Slayer hit the stage, awe man, it was crushing! The likes of data compression would have been impressed on how much space was compressed in so little time. People cover big area, slayer, people now in tightly packed area. Like one giant pulsating organism. Slayer is magic.

Much love


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