Saturday, May 21, 2011

SpaaaAAAHHHH... Spa

So I decided to take a break from my research to hang out with a bud at the Spa, who also happen to have known Julian Assange. It was a nice hour-and-a-half away, east of Melbourne. Near the ocean. A beautiful hot spring with man made pools and a real-life cave. It cost some to go in, but it was nice. The springs were about 35-40+ in temperature (that's 90-104+ for all the Fahrenheit-ers out there or 308.15-313.15+ for all the Kelvin-ers). Anyways, it was pretty nice, just great to get out and see more of this beautiful country. Alas, I am back home now, had two showers already, and clothes are in the washing machine. Sure, it feels kinda gross when you think about it, kinda like bathing with a bunch of strangers. I did get to sport my awesome sexxyness. Ohh yeah, it was doubly cool because some individuals believe today is the Rapture, and yeah, I was hanging out on a fault-line. Apparently their god is so evil that it is gonna kill a bunch of people by an earthquake sometime today.

UPDATE: No, it's not on a fault line. But anyways, the idea was there.


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