Saturday, May 28, 2011

Things I Like to do... to not be an Ass...

If I have to call a institution for information, whether it's merely correcting something on a banking statement, or whatever. If the result of my inquiry is positive, I like to ask to speak to the attendant's manager. I'm sure their first reaction is like, "ohh shh crap," but then I say, "I just want to complement you" and when I speak with their supervisor, I give kudos to the attendant. Even for online "live chats" where you irc/text with a attendant, I will give them kudos on the site survey. Yeah, it feels good to not be an ass sometimes. I'm still waiting for that drawing of a unicorn riding a waffle and playing a ukulele I asked the live attendant on the website to draw for me. I need to assure myself that I have not laid any notion that the Turing test has succeeded in this case.


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