Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bird Trajectory Miscalculation

I personally believe that we as humans take many things in nature for granted, or we just totally ignore them. I have to say, I do not believe that many people consider how awesome birds are. But, they are not perfect. Have you ever wondered: do birds ever screw-up? Surely they must. They are not born bad-ass fliers. They have to learn. They are animal, as we are too. With that said, I am sure that even the most experienced of our avian friends mess-up their calculations on occasion. I am sure that it is not uncommon for an experienced bird to over-correct, or possibly approach a landing site too fast. Do their wings ever get cramped mid-flight and just stop functioning like a Boeing 777 down a man and running on one engine? Sure, they are animals, and subject to some kind of mean-time between failure. Well, as I was leaving uni today a bird just hit me in the head. It wasn't firm or painful, more like a bump. Maybe it was an accident? I should have contacted FAA. Anyways, my hair is a bit frazzled, but it doesn't really look like a nest. Now, it is common for magpies (and other birds) here to attack dogs and people (especially cyclists). In fact, the gov't maintains a "Swoop-off" website where you can download eye pictures to put on your cycling helmet. Often, you will see cyclists with zip-ties sticking out of their helmets for protection from the swoop. Well, I was walking, no helmet, and no eyes on my head. This little bird either decided to attack me, miscalculted one of the numerous variables required for safe and accurate flight, or got a cramp. Either way, I was humbled as nature ran into me.


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  1. It was only a matter of time before the wildlife there tried to take you out.