Sunday, March 10, 2013

From the Mothership

Last night I went to see the god of funk, George Clinton, along with the Parliament Funkadelic at Billboard. Fantastic show. It's funny, I was thinking, due to being asked: What is it about funk/soul that I like... I mean, I am a metal head, love some blues, and have an inner hippie in me (I dig jam rock). Well, I don't think humans know why they really like something. Sure, I like music that was generated using some bit of talent, and sprinkled with creativity. But, really, why does a person really "like" something? I think it's hard to answer in words... "I like it just because!" It's probably the result of some brain/chemical order in the head.


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  1. R&B crosses over pretty well because it has a lot of energy and dynamic range.always there's a strong groove but often a good melody to go with it.