Friday, January 14, 2011

137 Trimethylxanthine!!!!

So one beauty of coming to Melbourne is that it has the most cafes per square meter. For a coffee nerd like myself (I take pride in the fact that I used to roast my own), this is a pretty cool place. Well, I had no idea I would be able to sample the delicacies of the beautiful bean from the confines of a mental ward (still here re-feeding trying to get healthier, I love how they do this in the mental ward).

Anyways, the only coffee that is available, typically, here in this ward is instant decrap. Well the decrap, instant, turns to rocks in the high-humidity of this region. Likewise, since it is a mental ward, and also people with eating problems, less caffeine to stimulate the body and also metabolism is the choice. Well, I have had a bit of caffeine from the tea (they also have soda here but I don't drink that). Anyways, they had real coffee, with a press pot here today. I just sampled it...... mmmmmmm I FEEL LIKE I CAN LIFT A SMALL CAR. AHHHH HAHAHAHHAHAHA. Ok, neurons stimulated. One of the other patients here did bring in some instant (caffeinated) coffee. I did sample some of that a while back. Anyways, hopefully I am getting healthier and my bloods are stabilizing. I want out soon!

Much Love


Saturday, January 8, 2011

What what what in the butt?

How was your Friday? Mine was pretty fun. I got an injection of B-12... in my ass.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 365.25 days... again (Updated)

Saw a dude try to escape today, he made it to the roof. I totally was rooting for him. Well, I assume he was escaping. He climbed to the roof.


Happy 365.25 days... again

Nnnnnnnneeewwww year. Big whoop. I love how people use the revolution of the sun as some marker for them to "take control" over the issues in their life. Well, that wasn't my goal, but this is my first New Year's in a mental health ward. I didn't realize my physical health was getting so bad. My doctor suggested I go to the hospital, after my blood tests and a physical evaluation. Apparently I'm way-under weight and they didn't want me to do much physical activity. I had been eating more. I didn't realize I was so bad. So they (doc) put me in an eating disorder ward, which also happens to be in a mental ward. Let me say, yes I do eat, and I do not purge, however as it seems now, I was not eating enough and/or enough variety to support me as an individual. Hopefully we can get a plan together *cough*A-Team*cough* so that I can get on track. The program in the said ward will make sure I do very little exercise, re-feed me, and make sure that the re-feeding does not compromise my health. Yeah, even when you start restoring your body, complications can arise. Regarding the mental-ward aspect, way cool people! Who else can say they had New Year's Eve in a mental ward? Anyways, I need to get better. I'm here voluntary. Well, the first night I was here involuntary. The staff by law was not allowed to let me go. I was basically a prisoner. Anyways, I don't know how long I'll have to stay. But I didn't realize my health was this bad off. Positive thoughts. Oh yeah, and the drugs some people are on. Never take the crap they give you. It's scary, I seem some people, almost like zombies.