Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I met... GCus

The title in this post is pronounced GCus like jesus but with GC. The latter being the abbreviation for Garbage Collection. This post is just to say that I met Richard Jones at PLDI this year (he is the guru of garbage collection) and his work has made up a huge portion of my thesis. He deserves infinite beers. I also chatted a bit with Hans Boehm again. I also met David Gay and Emery Berger, both whom I have cited in my thesis work. It's way cool to see these people, notable names of memory management! Way cool! Oh, and I had Mr. Jones sign a piece of trash for me, effectively he "marked some garbage" ... but since it has been marked, it shouldn't be reclaimed.

Monday, June 17, 2013

jmp 0xSeattle

Wow! So that was one helluva flight. Actually, the flights were nice, since the Uni hooked me up with Quantas (I am a cheapskate and probably would have gone with a cheaper option if it were my wallet being genocided-upon by the airline industry). I finally got the chance to watch The Social Network and Tarintino's more recent Django Unchained. All I gotta say is that I was thoroughly entertained and I think I need to see more Tarintino flicks. Anyways, I am in Seattle for the Memory Systems Performance and Correctness (MSPC) workshop to present our research into garbage collection and region-based memory management, black magic, and the digital alchemical fusion of these two aforementioned dark sciences. Anyways, I think I'll go stroll around this city! My stomach cannot hold any more caffeinated beverages.