Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pics are Available

I have the pics from yesterday's adventure. I saw 4 kangaroo total, the only thing cooler would have been if I saw a kangaroo poo. Guess I'll have to save that for another time.


Friday, April 22, 2011

They do exist!

So I've been in Australia for about 9 months and have yet to see a kangaroo. One might think it's a total sham. Kangaroos are like Bigfoot, a mythical cryptid that only lives in stories and some plaster footprint casts. Well, today, my advisor and friend Harald, along with his wife and son, took me out on a long road trip, some bush walking, and all around fun time. We went way north of Melbourne, a little more than an hour away, to a few towns and met up with their friend, a vet, who owns some farmland out in the bush. We spent some time in Castlemaine and Daylesford. Way cool! The stars were so bright and vibrant, it was amazing. The Milky Way was beautiful! There is so much beautiful foliage around here, the hills, it's totally not the outback image people think of when they ponder on Australia. Oh yeah.... I saw kangaroo, they are not mythical creatures! Frikkin' beautiful, kinda intimidating. While at their friend's farm, she let me pick an apple and eat it. The largest and also best-tasting apple I've ever had! It was the size of a small baby, a delicious, baby.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Flyin' Solo and Ships of Scholarness

While I didn't mind living with housemates, I am kinda used to living alone. Heck, I was doing that for 5.5 years before I came out here. Sure, being that I was moving to a new place/continent/country, I do not think it was bad to be living with others. The house was friendly, but I felt on pins and needles afraid I was going to be confronted by a housemate about doing something that did not satisfy their definition of proper "housemate." Not to mention, I had a very tiny room (I do like quaintness) and the house was in an awesome location of Fitzroy (between Smith and Brunswick streets near Victoria Parade). Well, I finally found a 1 bedroom place to move to in Brunswick, not toooo far from Uni, but near the change-over from Royal Parade to Sydney Road. I have just left Heath, Paula, Zoe, Louie, and Rex. And have signed a lease (and just moved) to Brunswick.

On the other front, I was just awarded two scholarships! One covers tuition for my PhD. Well, it covers all starting since 2011 (so I get a refund for what I have paid this year, but no refund for the 1 semester last year). I'm not complaining! That is so exciting. Thanks to all who sent in scholarship recommendations for the Uni regarding me. The other scholarship was constructed by my advisors. This other scholarship covers some living expenses, a stipend. It is provided by NICTA. It is only for 18 months, but capable of being updated! This should not limit me if I want to come home. I do want to come home to do some research while also working.