Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Seattle and Nacho

Well, the paper my advisers and self have been laboring over was submitted and accepted to the ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Memory Systems Performance and Correctness (which is in Seattle this year). More so, I wrote the original draft (with some incomplete pieces). It ended-up being rewritten by my advisers (and a ton of things were added!). Needless to say, it represents hours and hours of work, and composes ideas from their genius. It was great to work on this paper with them, and I am humbled that it was accepted. I have been implementing code for ages now to represent these ideas, basically a combination of region-based memory management and garbage collection.

On another front, I have been working on more PDF hackery. I wanted to make a PDF-grepping utility. I have a basic implementation cooked-up but the key piece is the simplistic PDF text-extraction library that I wrote (note that it is not fully featured and does not account for all encodings and compression schemes). I present upon the world libnachopdf because it ain't yo' PDF. Well, maybe it is your PDF, but that doesn't matter. Get 'yo nacho on over here.

Monday, April 15, 2013

I miss industry...

So many of you are probably wondering, because I know I am the keystone in your lives, what is Matt up to? Well, not much, just some thesis writing and stuff. Yes, I am being vague. Anyways, I am ready to knock this PhD out. I have had fun, but personally I find industry more fulfilling, and I long for the day where I can return to that. With that said, here is what trying-to-get-a-PhD looks like.